Network Cabling Services

Structured Cabling: CAT5E/CAT6/COAX/FIBER

Structured cabling is the digital plumbing for your home or business.


The cabling upgrades the typical one run of telephone or television cable access and allows for flexibility within the entire structure. In essence, wiring your business for today’s technology and tomorrow’s advancements in technology.


Structured cabling and wiring provides an organized method and ease of use for the present and future for any changes or additions to your Internet, Telephone and Audio & Video connections. Connection color-coding, along with provided documentation takes the frustration out of future changes. All cabling and layout is done in accordance with the TIA-568A/B wiring standards.


1stKey Technology Group, installs and documents the entire system. From start to finish, we handle all your needs from cabling to components. This provides you with ease of use.


An example of our network cabling services in Denver, CO or Phoenix, AZ

There is a lot more to cabling system performance than purchasinggood quality cable and connecting hardware. To ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system must to be properly designed, installed, and administered. With 1st Key Technology Group certified installers, you can rest assured your structured cabling system will be installed correctly—the first time.

IT/Server Room Build-out

Your Server Room, IT Room, or Data Center is the central location for all your network devices.


For your network to have the most efficient functionality, this room should be well designed and constructed. Most businesses invest hundreds to thousands of dollars in the computer equipment that goes into this room. Having proper racks, cabinets, and structured cabling materials in this room protects that investment. Every business has different needs. Therefore, we can custom build this room based on your needs.


Many of our customers also mount their security systems in this room as well, which we can also do. And as always, if your business is very small and doesn’t require much, we can reflect that in your custom estimate.

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