Computer/Network Services

On-Site Assists for IT Professionals and Companies

1stKeyTG is not an IT/Network company. But…we have partners in our group that are!


Our expertise does not lie in outsource IT and computer repair. However, we are around computers, networks, and IT professionals regularly, which give us an abundant source of knowledge in the IT world.


We design and install structured cabling systems and IT Rooms/Closets. We also assemble and mount network racks. Mounting and configuration assistance of wireless access points is also a common installation for us. Additionally, many of our door access control and camera systems are IP-based and require us to configure network settings.

Because of this experience, we are available to assist IT companies or professionals with basic on-site needs, such as racking/un-racking equipment, patching, and even configuring if we are provided with IT support.


Does your business require IT and lacks it? We can provide these services through our group.

IT Outsource Companies

We are a valuable asset to you! We can troubleshoot and clean-up all 1st layer (physical layer) issues your clients may have. And, we can also provide any other basic assistance if we are on-site and you are not.

IT Professionals in Charge of Building Security

Many IT professionals are being asked to install, service, maintain building security systems. Our most common model is to install these systems and then hand them over to you to control. We would service any electronics when necessary. With us, you do not have to rely on an alarm or security company to maintain and administer such systems as you can have direct control. But, we can administer it if you choose.

1stKeyTG is a very valuable asset to IT Professions: in-house or outsource.

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