1ST Key Technology Group is a team of experienced professionals that is proudly providing Colorado with friendly and efficient installation, service, and support with electronic technologies that businesses require to function.


Our Mission is to assist our clients with their technology needs on a regular basis. To accomplish this simple mission, it requires a group of people, working together, to fulfill every aspect of the technology installation.


A group can consist of a variety of professionals, such as vendors, manufacturers, designers, project managers, dispatchers, office managers, human resources, accountants… and the list goes on an on!  Every individual that works for or with 1st Key Technology Group is a someone contributing to the technology installations of people that need it.

Installation and Service Technicians are the people in the field with the expertise to not only to physically install components of technology, but also the aptitude to troubleshoot and solve problems.  Installing and servicing technology is often the most enjoyable part of the business.

The world has turned upside down over the past couple of years. Businesses that are surviving are adapting to the change.  And we’ve noticed that our area is lacking available technicians.  However, we know that they are out there!

In our search to work with and provide opportunities to installation technicians, we have two very important criteria that must be met.

  1. We want installation techs that really want to install tech because they enjoy doing it.  MONEY is NOT the main motivator, although many people think that it is.
  2. We want installation techs that really want to help people because they enjoy doing it. Many of the people that seek us out really need our help. Selfish people often cut too many corners or make too many mistakes.  There is no greater purpose than serving other people

If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn money by installing technology, please reach out to us only if you really enjoy the work and  helping other people in need.


Are you an installer?
Do you expertise in your craft?
Do you enjoy installing?
Do you enjoy helping others?

Do you enjoy working 40-60 hours per week? χ
Do you enjoy demanding bosses? χ


Probably not, on both of those. So, to solve these two problems, we are looking to have more available techs that enjoy and want to work, but not face major burnout.  Rather than force a full-time employed tech to work 50-60 hours per week, we would rather find two independent/freelance techs to each work 25-30.  Or, three to work 20.  Get the picture?


Do you want to work less hours installing so that you can have more time to pursue other options in life? 

Freelance Installers
– Typically more At-Will Employee/Self-employee relationship
– Provides labor/expertise only (no proposal, no materials)
– Part-Time/At Will: W2/W4 or W9/1099


We will have already went through the proposal process, initiated project, and procured the materials/equipment.  Because the installer is only installing, the rate of pay is lower than a sub-contractor.



– Typically more of an established company to company transaction
– Certificate of Insurance that meets requirements
– W9/1099
– Walks project, submits proposal, supplies some or all materials, provides labor

The proposal process and design would initiate with the sub-contractor.  May be competing with multiple sub-contractors for the project.

Security System Installer are responsible for performing various kinds of installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair on diverse electronic systems.

Access Control/Door Hardware
– Controllers, Readers, Door Contacts, Request-to-Exit Devices
– Electric Strikes, Magnetic Locks, Electrified Lever-sets, Electrified Exit Devices
– Power Supplies
– Panic/Exit/Push-bar, Lever-sets


Video Surveillance
– DVR/NVR/Cloud Accounts
– IP Cameras/Analog Cameras
– Cabling/Wiring


Intrusion Alarm
– Panels, door contacts, motion sensors, glass breaks

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