Other Technologies

Telecommunications, Cell Phone Boosting, Audio/Video, Paging and Music, Sound Masking, Audio/Video, Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Break Rooms

Flat Screens, Projectors, Screens, Conference Tables Connectivity Boxes, Basic Sound

If your company requires mid to higher end control (Control4, Crestron, AMX), we refer or partner with a peer in the industry.

Overhead Paging and Music

Various speakers, paging horns, volume controls: stand-alone or integrated to a phone system
Remote Paging

Sound Masking

One way that businesses can can boost productivity in their workplace is by limiting distractions caused by unwanted sound. The method of covering up this unwanted sound is by adding artificial sound (such as pink or white noice) into the environment. This method, called Sound Masking, helps reduce the awareness of the unwanted sounds in a given area, which then makes the work environment more comfortable. Sound Masking also helps create speech privacy. Workers tend to concentrate better and be more productive if they aren’t distracted by the speech of other workers in the area.

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