Security Systems

We can install, service, and fully maintain the following systems.

We can install the systems and hand them over to you to fully control and maintain. And then, we can service when needed. It’s your choice!


We can also integrate these systems so that they function together. (As an example, your key fob can also serve to arm/disarm the alarm system rather than punching a code in the alarm keypad.


Door Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Intrusion Alarms are systems that often pay for themselves over time.

Door Access Control

Access control security systems can control access points allowing or restricting access by person, by door, by time of day, by day of the week and by combinations of the above.


The card reader is connected to a Controller that is interfaced through a PC, Server, or directly on the Cloud, which checks and verifies that the card is valid and allows or denies access. If the information is accepted the door will be opened, otherwise, the door will remain locked.

The card holder can be arranged in groups with similar requirements for entering and exiting those areas of the building controlled by readers. The group of card readers that can be used by a particular group is defined as an access level. The card will have a unique number assigned by the manufacturer.


On the access card, we can print the picture ID of the bearer along with the name and other information and the same picture and name loaded previously into the access control software, must match the one from the card once the card is presented to the reader – in this way a security guard (control access operator) can match the person site (face) with the software picture and make sure it is the same person that is using the card access.


Many organizations do not have security guards or print pictures on their cards, but may intead use key-fobs or Bluetooth technology.  Others are buzzing themselves in through an APP based access control system connected to their smart devices.


A client activating their security system in Denver, CO

We can install systems that are hosted on your network or cloud based systems that do not require an Internet connection.

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance, or commonly known as CCTV, is a network of video cameras that record video in strategic locations on a property.


Many organizations have moved to IP Cameras and NVRs and some are also streaming their video to a cloud service.  We are equipped to install a video surveillance systems that fulfills the needs of a property.


Integration?  No problem.  We can integrate various IP cameras to door access control systems to provide an automated notification system to help managers paint a clear picture of events that are happening.  This often elimantes the dreaded combing through video events.


Intrusion Alarm Systems (Burglar)

Organizations with security requirements have high expectations for their alarm system.

Ease of use, reliable operation and scalable system design are all basic necessities for an alarm system to protect your assets.

A well-engineered alarm system should be easy to use and provide critical notification in the most demanding environments. Our professionals can custom design an alarm system to ensure you are alerted when something is wrong.

– UL Listed for burglary
– User-friendly keypad interface
– Integrate with door access control system
– Scalability to hundreds of zones

Through our Interface:
– Remote control over phone/tablet/computer
– Complete audit history of events
– Arming/disarming schedule

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